Growth Acceleration via Strategy, Innovation & Process

Growing a recruitment business profitably can be challenging and far more complex that owners/shareholders & Directors contemplate.

Growth is often retarded by the impact of risk factors such as over reliance of a ‘narrow’ client base, skewed ‘sales mix’ between temp & perm, poor cost control, technology disruption, increased penetration of RPO/MSP services, immature ‘sourcing’ strategies, poor internal processes, inexperienced leadership, too much/too little management information etc

The ability to anticipate these impediments to growth and introduce remedies can  significantly enhance performance.

Performance Turnaround

All recruitment companies experience periods where things don’t go to plan or due to a range of circumstances the business is fundamentally underachieving.

Diagnosis of the factors driving the lack of performance need to be identified and corrected quickly before the longer term effects take hold including cash flow pressure, the loss of key staff, inability to hire quality talent or brand damage.

Planning & Executing an Exit

Owners & Shareholders rarely begin their recruitment journey with the exit strategy ‘locked in’ and as a result the business often develops to create an income and/or lifestyle but little or no option for wealth creation and/or exit.

Assessment of the business and making the necessary changes in strategy & process to align it with the priorities of the shareholders & owners is a difficult but essential process.

Leadership Assessment

The single greatest challenge for all recruitment companies is the quality of their talent base, particularly the leadership, yet shareholders, owners and corporate executives are unable to benchmark their ‘team’ versus the best in the market.

By assessing the leadership team against the ‘best in market’, changes can be made to improve performance including changes of personnel , implementation of Learning & Development programmes, introduction of coaching/mentoring and the provision of ongoing support.

Advisory including Non Exec Directorship

Often shareholders/owners & executives simply need the opportunity to discuss issues with an independent professional to confirm they are on the right path or give them the belief to make the changes that are necessary.

With almost 30 years of global experience in recruitment, Steve Carter is perfectly placed to advise Directors and individuals alike.

International Expansion

As the market globalises the opportunity to develop a business internationally has never been greater yet Owners/Shareholders & Directors are often challenged by the desire to expand but are held back by the lack of knowledge they have in specific international locations.

Steve’s experience of international start ups (including two in China), the successful operation of businesses remote from HQ, the acquisition and development of local staff and management and the knowledge of regulation and ‘in country’ business processes are second to none, particularly in Asia, Australia, Ireland and the United Kingdom.